We create
live productions
and visual experiences.

What We Do

We help you create
Real Audio Visual Experiences

Light Design

"Light design is the process of delivering lighting to spaces." We at RAVE love to light your space!
It doesn't matter if it's rock or opera, product launch or festival.
In short: Ravers love light!

Augmented Reality

Video mapping, Projection mapping, LED & Pixel Mapping, 360° Video, ... We at RAVE love to play with perception. Our goal is to project your vision on every surface in the real world.
In short: Ravers love pixels!

Show Design & Operation

You have a story to tell!
We support you by creating an unforgettable audiovisual experience. From your needs and wishes to the drawing board to final design. Your show is prepared in our in-house pre-visualisation Studio, so you can see the end result in real-time. When the pre-production fase is completed, your show is pre-programmed and we're ready to operate the Show so no valuable time is lost at the venue.
In short: Ravers love pushing buttons.

Technical Production

We're not a rentall company,
we operate alongside your preferred AV vendor.
Our goal is to relieve you of technicalities, Providing Technical drawings, Load Calculations, Signal & Power Distribution schematics and more, to ensure the most efficient execution of building your show.
In short: Ravers love efficiency.

Content Creation

Content is king in the digital age.
Story telling through custom made graphics, delivering the message you want to tell. From initial idea to mockup to "FINAL v7 final" to last minute changes, all made hassle free by our cloud render farm.
In short: Ravers love rendering.

All other Technical Wizardry

Can't be done ? Not Possible ? We disagree!
We start where others stop, we love a challenge and are keen believers that "impossible" can be made "possible".
In short: Ravers love custom.

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works

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